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The girl behind haylscreative

Hey there! My name is Hayley (hence “hayls”creative). I’m currently a Master’s student working on learning more about social entrepreneurship and how to help those in the world who don’t have access to education and other necessary resources to live a joyful, full life.

I love the outdoors and traveling; I’ll hop on a plane anywhere. I also love soccer, snowboarding, Harry Potter (Gryffindor here!), the rain and all things design.

I’ve been shooting as a photojournalist and portrait photographer for over three years now. I’ve learned most of my skills outside of the classroom while traveling, shooting for friends and family, as well as shooting almost daily for my old work.

As a photographer, I not only want to shoot stunning pictures but I want to be involved with my clients as much as possible. I’m passionate about creating a comfortable, exciting and fun place for my clients when they are with me. I love to put on some good music, hop behind the camera, and let my clients just be themselves. I want to create a story that is exactly to who my clients are during their day to day. Give me emotion, funny faces and just all around candid moments.


Feel like you connected with me and would love to book a session?