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I am so excited you are interested in having me photograph you! I believe your story is unique and deserves to be told; It would be the biggest honor to tell it.

I believe in genuine, real moments and telling stories with a raw, earthy, and journalistic feel to them. If that sounds like what you're all about, I would absolutely love to chat!

If you are booking your wedding, elopement or couples session, let me know your partners name as well!
date of event *
date of event
If you are booking for a couples or portrait session, just let me know a day that would work for both of you so I can get a good idea of when you're free!
location *
If you aren't booking a wedding or elopement, let me know if you have any places in mind that you have thought about, specific or generic.
(if applicable)
What are some of your favorite hobbies, what does your ideal day off work (or school) look like, what's your favorite tv show or book, etc. (if you are inquiring about a wedding or couples session let me know about your love story and more about the venue!)
ex. earthy, warm, raw, journalistic feel, etc.