joanna + nolan

These are two of some of my dearest friends and mentors. Jo was my girls youth group leader in high school and Nolan was the boys youth group leader; we went on so many camp trips and retreats together throughout the years. I have looked up to them as a couple and individuals for so long. Jo started an amazing women’s conference while I was in high school called The Yellow Conference that has now blossomed into a beautiful business that encourages women entrepreneurs who are giving back. She was the one who inspired me to pursue my creative abilities and look at starting my own do-good business! So as soon as I found out these sweet friends were pregnant, I ran (not walked) to ask if I could shoot their maternity photos. We shot their photos in their quaint, boho apartment which was a huge challenge, but so much dang fun! If you see them around, say congrats to their baby boy thats coming next month!

Hayley Scully