Alex and I, along with her friend Anna, took a mini “roadtrip” to Malibu for her senior photos. She was graduating in just about a month and wanted some photos that were different than some ones we had taken of her before so we decided to do them by the ocean. We first ate at Malibu Farms for lunch which looks out on the ocean, and then began shooting right after on the same pier. It was a really sunny day out which meant tons of people swarming the pier (luckily we were able to get most shots without people in the background). Then we headed up the coast to El Matador beach to get some different scenery. The El Matador beach has some amazing rock formations that remind me of some other beaches I’ve been to in the Pacific Northwest (if you haven’t been to La Push Beach in Washington and Cannon Beach in Oregon you NEED to visit!!!). I loved this shoot for all the warm tones mixed with the blues and the warm grays which made for such an insane color tone!

Hayley Scully