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get to know the girl behind haylscreative

Hi there, I’m Hayley; it’s so lovely to meet you!

I am a native SoCal gal who wishes she grew up in the PNW. I’m currently going to Pepperdine to get my Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship and Change.

I absolutely love anything that has to do with traveling, the rain, Christmas time, plants, interior design, poetry, and Harry Potter.

I’ve been shooting for about three years now and have absolutely loved every second of it. I’ve shot all different kinds of photography from landscape to photojournalism to product shoots to portraits. After all of this, my heart has clung to shooting couples with a photojournalistic eye. I love capturing real, authentic and raw moments. I like to look for the not just the “perfect picture” but for all the moments in between that. I love the ugly cries, snorting laughs, and quiet moments. I am also someone who wants to create a fun and meaningful experience for my clients, not just create beautiful photography; I want for all of my clients to walk away feeling like they have made a new friend.

If you feel like I would be someone you would love to connect with, lets chat!